Recycled Mix Color Cotton Wiping Rags (Woven)


  • Code: C-03
  • Recycled Mix Color
  • Cotton Shirt & Pant Material
  • Washed and Sterilized
  • Light & Heavy weight
  • Durable woven and cotton blend fabric
  • 100% Recycled Product
  • Recommended for general purpose cleaning, windows, mirrors, glass
  • Low to Medium Absorbency and Very Low Lint
  • Estimated Size: 12"x12" 


This type of wiping rags come with Washed and Sterilized Cotton Shirt and Pant Material (like bedsheets, woven cotton, and Pants ) with mix color (white, grey and other different colors) and it is cotton blend fabric which is an amazingly durable woven that is why we recommend using these cleaning rags for general purpose cleaning especially when cleaning windows, mirrors, glass because other wiping rags can make scratches on this type of fragile substances but when cleaning with this rags you will not have to worry about. This cleaning rag is a mixture of light and heavy material and you can use this 12" x 12" Recycled Cotton Shirt Material again because it is 100% Recycled.

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