Recycled White/Half white Knit T Shirt Wiping Rags-W-02


  • Code: W-02
  • Recycled Mix white cotton/Half white cotton
  • Blend T-Shirt material
  • No color, some seams
  • No bleeding issue you can use it with solvents or chemicals
  • Recommended for Electrical, Paint, and general maintenance applications, cleaning service
  • 100 % Recycled, Economical, low-cost white rag
  • High Absorbency and Low to Medium Lint
  • Estimated Size: 12"x12”


This type of Wiping Rags is the mixture of Recycled white cotton and half-white cotton material, even with the mix of half-white color in it, this product does not bleed when using it with solvents and chemicals (which can make the material bleed if it is consist of any color in it). The Cotton Rag will be Cotton Blend T-Shirt Material that is 100% Recycled and also very Economical, when we talk about pricing it is one of the most low-cost white color wiping rag amongst the list white wiping rags even cheaper than the Recycled 100% White Knit T-shirt Wiping Rags-W-01. Due to its high Absorbency and low to medium lint, we recommend using this rag for cleaning purposes like Electrical, paint, general maintenance applications, and other cleaning services. It is available in an estimated size of 12" x 12".

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