Recycled White sweatshirt Wiping Rags-W-04


  • Code: W-04
  • Recycled white cotton
  • sweatshirt material
  • Durable, medium to heavyweight
  • Recommended for general and heavy cleanup of dirt, oil, solvents, and grease
  • Normally Used in the janitorial service, boat building, steel industry
  • High Absorbency and Medium to High Lint
  • Estimate size: 12"x12" 


I can bet at least one time in your life you must wear a sweatshirt, did you notice how this material has the ability to absorb all the sweat of your body, the answer is, because it is made special material which has an extra absorbency for absorbing the sweat that's why it is called the sweatshirt. Recycled white cotton sweatshirt material is also made by cutting these sweatshirts into pieces for cleaning purposes which is a medium to heavyweight product with high absorbency and medium to high lint that comes in an estimated size of 12" x 12".  Generally it is used in janitorial services, boat building, and steel industry but it could be effective for general and heavy cleanup of dirt, oil, solvents and grease.

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