Recycled White Terry Towel Wiping Rags (Washed)-W-08


  • Code: W-08
  • Recycled cotton content White Terry Cloth
  • Hemmed Washcloth
  • No bleeding issue you can use it with solvents or chemicals
  • A great alternative to shop rags, machine washable
  • Recommended for general purpose cleaning, wiping, and drying
  • 100% Recycled product
  • High Absorbency and Medium Lint
  • Estimated Size: 12"x12"


Like the unwashed recycled white terry, this cleaning rag is also made with a Mix of cut garments and towels which are recycled terry cloth material but it is hemmed wash cloth and available in white color, due to its white color it has no bleeding issue so you can use it with solvents and chemicals(which can make the material bleed if it is consist of any color in it). The Recycled Terry Cloth Wiping rags are Durable and Heavy Weight Cotton Content and have a High Absorbency plus Medium to high Lint. It could be a great alternative to shop rags and machine washable so we recommend using this wiping rag for cleaning purposes like general purpose cleaning, wiping, and drying, moreover it is a 100% recycled product that comes in an estimated size of 12" x 12"

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